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Location: Oregon, USA 

Genera: Folk, Blues, Rock 

About: Neil Gregory Johnson is a singer-songwriter, a bar band revivalist, and an advocate for unruly people. 

While consistent in his delivery of tasteful guitar and soulful vocals, each show is and will have it's own unique footprint in your memory. On nights where you can feel the electricity, the energy will be buzzing, and song after song delivered seamlessly with little talk or silence in between. The passion and heat of the moment moves Neil and his band through a set as if they were on a mission from the rock gods of old! His presence on stage commands audiences with authority, yet grace and good humor. 

The next night you might see Neil Gregory Johnson using just an acoustic guitar and his voice as a tool to further a strong desire to connect on a deeper level. The subtlety of his hypnosis is striking, and will leave you refreshed and inspired to live without taking for granted all of the potential that lies not only within ourselves but the people we love the most. 

If you ever get the chance to see Neil Gregory Johnson perform, whatever it is he feels on any given night, consider yourself fortunate, and be thankful for the reminder in his overall message that we only have one life to live. 

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Extended Play Catalogue Vol. 1

Neil Gregory Johnson

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Album Reviews!

With Neil Gregory Johnson, the throwback vibe is his native sound. That’s who he is as an artist, instead of something he’s chasing because it’s hot.”


Extended Play Catalogue Vol 1 is a lesson to anyone working in roots music today in vibrant and honest songwriting.”